This week, we are discussing feminism as a social movement over time. Feminism as a concept has been, and still is, debated as to whether or not it is important and relevant. Women’s and Gender Studies relies on the ideas and theory that feminism has given to us over time.

After you complete this week’s readings, write a short, 300-500 word “letter to the haters.” These letters will be directed towards those people who have written either negative comments on the blogs that you’ve looked at and/or those who wrote #IDontNeedFeminism tweets in the format of an email. In your letter, explain why feminism is still important and relevant for everyone today. Draw from your readings for the week to support your claims and cite where needed.

EXTRA CREDIT (+1 Point): In your letter, you will compare and contrast two points of view in feminism (outlined in the Tong reading), such as “liberal feminism” and “poststructuralist feminism,” and argue how they would each differently respond to the haters.

Please note, while you need not identify as a feminist, or even believe in feminism, to do well in this course, it is important that you understand and be able to apply its concepts.

Please post your letters and a screenshot of the tweets and/or comments that you are replying to our WordPress blog using the category “Assignment.” In Canvas, be sure to post the link to your WordPress post to receive credit. Attached is rubric and an example letter. Be sure to look at the example for some important information.