For this class, you are required to write a book review for one of the units. The week you choose to complete your book review, you will not be required to complete the weekly blog post or the weekly assignment, but you are still responsible for your participation points (and you are still responsible for understanding the key concepts for that week). Each week has a different style book, so choose one that interests you!

In the review, you will write a 800-1000 word (approximately 3-4 pages, double spaced) critical analysis of the book. Your reviews are due on WordPress (using the category “Book Review”) on the Sunday following the unit at 9:00 am. Please turn in a link to your post on Canvas. Click through to see the grading RUBRIC.

A good book review not only tells the reader what the book is about, but also critically analyzes whether the book achieves what it is setting to do. Therefore, a book review is more than a summary of the content, but an analysis of the book and your reactions to it.

When you are reading the book, take notes on the following issues:

  • What is the author’s main goal in writing the book? What is their position on a controversy? What is the background of the book’s creation?
  • What are the author’s main points? What evidence do they use to support their claims? Is the evidence convincing?
  • Does the author achieve their goal? Are you satisfied with the conclusions reached?
  • Is the book understandable?
  • To whom is this book most useful?
  • How does this book connect to the weekly theme (trust me, it does…)

Your book review will follow this format:

  1. Introduction
  • What is the bibliographic information (author, title, date of publication, publisher, number of pages, publisher’s price, type of book)
  • Brief overview of the theme and purpose of your evaluation (your thesis statement)

2. Summary of the content

  • Briefly summarize the key points of the book (no more than 150 words)

3. Evaluation

  • Give your opinion of the book
  • How does this book tie to the unit’s theme?

4. Conclusion

  • Conclude with information about who you would recommend this book to

For more information on book reviews, see the following sites or see this professional book review of mine as an example (please note, I have read book reviews on each of our class books, so I will know if you are contributing original information/ have read the book): 

**PLEASE NOTE: While you are not required to read this week’s material or write a weekly blog post or assignment, you are still responsible for understanding each week’s material and topic. Every week’s topic builds on the previous week’s ideas. Thus, I strongly recommend you read and comment on your peers’ blog posts for your participation points that week.