Throughout the week, in addition to your weekly blog post and assignment, you are expected to participate in the course a minimum of three times. By participating in the course, we are able to engage with one another more (like we would in an in-person class), answer and ask questions, develop our critical thinking skills, and establish a scholarly community.

Some ways you may participate include:

  • Adding additional blog posts on extra thoughts on the readings
  • Reading a supplementary piece and writing a summary/analysis of the piece
  • Posting a recent news article, pop culture reference, or video and writing a short blurb about how this relates to the unit’s topic (using readings to support your claims)
  • Contributing a creative project or video of yourself regarding the week’s topic
  • Commenting substantially on peers’ work (see this guide about blog comments) for some ideas, but not a definitive guideline)
  • Asking and answering peers’ questions through the comment function (with citations)

While I know contributing and participating on a blog can be more tedious than enjoyable (I’ve had my fare share of blog assignments too), try to make this fun! Engage with one another. Go on an online scavenger hunt for really cool articles and blogs to reference. The more we engage with participation, the more connected we are to one another, the more we learn from one another, and the more rich our website will become.

Be sure to categorize any new posts for participations points as “Participation” (if adding a new post, not a comment) on WordPress. Attached is the participation rubric. 

As a note: since your participation is due Sunday at 9:00 am, and you must participate a minimum of 3 times, it is strongly recommended that you participate throughout the week, rather than last minute.