Dear @RightSideBelle,

I was scrolling through #IDontNeedFeminism tweets, and your tweet, “#IDontNeeedFeminism because in the western world there is no loner a need for it. 3rd/4th wave feminism is irrelevant”, stuck out to me. I wanted to share some information I have learned from my Intro to Women’s & Gender Studies with you to show you that there certainly is a need for feminism today. I am not writing this response to argue your opinion or to change your mind, but I would like to share some of my thoughts with you.

I encourage you to look at feminism as a big picture of gender equality before you decide that feminism is irrelevant. As bell hooks stated in his book Feminism is For Everybody, feminism is “a mass movement to end sexism and sexist exploitation and oppression for everyone”, which sums up why feminism is relevant today. Do you believe all genders should be treated equally? If so, I hope you can appreciate what feminism does to create this equality for everyone.

Feminism is not a thing of the past, in fact many huge accomplishments have been made in the past 4 years. Cristen Conger created a video on YouTube in 2016 to answer if feminism is relevant today. In her video, Cristen stated “feminism continues to open professional doors for women”, and this is proven by her facts that “in 2013, the U.S Military opened up combat roles to women for the first time” and “in 2014, 37% of women were the breadwinners in their households, which is up from just 4% in 1970”. It is hard to look at these facts and believe that feminism is not relevant.

Finally, while women of the 19th century women’s rights movement pioneered drastic changes, there are still smaller movements going on today that should not be viewed as irrelevant. I encourage you to read over #INeedFeminism tweets, read blogs and keep up with small, unnoticed feminist movements. The creative poetry by DarkMatter performed on The Laura Flanders Show in 2016 really hit home for me. In a creative and emotional way, the poets of DarkMatter showed me how stereotypical gender roles have drastic negative affects today, all over the world. I posted the link below; it’s a great performance that may open your eyes to some fights that are being fought today. I also included links to a few good blogs and resources I found enlightening!

I value your right to an opinion, and I hope you value my opinion in the same. However, I know just a little bit of information helped open my eyes to the importance of feminism, and I hope the information I provided in this email enlightens you as well.

Thanks so much for reading my email, I’d love to speak with you soon.


Anna Schlauch


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