Dear MA Rep,

On January 25th, you posted a tweet tagged #IDontNeedFeminism (please see the image attached below). I am writing you this email in response to your tweet. I would like to show you another point of view regarding the issue you addressed.

First, I would like to provide you with a definition of feminism. According to Bell Hooks, feminism is defined as a “movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression” (Hooks, viii), in her piece titled “Feminism is for Everybody.” It seems that you define being a feminist strictly with women, or people in general, who feel the need to bash men in order to feel empowered, and/or blame men for being the cause of their failures in life.

I would now like to point out that many people, like you, constantly confuse the meaning of feminism. As Shaw states in “What is Women’s Studies,” one misconception of feminism is that some people believe feminists “have an axe to grind,” and “exaggerate discrimination against women.” She also states that another misconception about feminism is the belief that feminists “hate men or want to be like men and selfishly want to create new systems of power over men” (Shaw, 16).

I believe that your tweet is directly related to the above mentioned misconceptions about feminism. I also believe that you may not have grown up learning the true meaning of feminism, ergo your misconceived opinion regarding the meaning of feminism. This is not entirely your fault. I am simply trying to provide you with more information so you can learn as well.

I think that by tweeting your misconception, you are simply continuing to pass it on and allowing other people who also are not educated on the topic, perceive it as true, which it is not.

I hope you found this helpful and take the information I provided you with into consideration. I have attached the documents that I referenced, so that you may read them as well if you wish. I believe that if you read them you would be able to create a more educated statement, and learn more about the topic.

Thank you for your time,


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