So now that I am back home for the summer, I have been looking around the house for different things as I need them. The other day while I was looking for a ruler, I found this in my parents’ desk:20160523_134426First off, WHAT!? Where in the world did my parents find this? After I sat in confusion for a second, I started to look more closely at this thing I had found.

The first thing I noticed was that Hillary Clinton was depicted on a $3 bill. Hillary has become an important female role model in the media so it is shocking to see her on something as fictitious and funny as a $3 bill. It even says in the top corner “Like Hillary’s candidacy this bill is 100% bogus” and “Hysterical Reserve Note” along the top.

Next I noticed that the new quote Hillary is saying is “I said bow down!” As quoted from Villanova University’s Gender and Women’s Studies Program website, there is a common myth that “feminism only liberates women at the expense of men.” The goal of feminism is to end sexism and have all genders treated equally, not for women to rise up and overpower men. The quote on the $3 bill makes it seem like Hillary wants all men to “bow down” to her.

The final thing I noticed was that the bill says “The Feminist States of America.” To me, this is making it seem like “Feminist” and “United” are supposed to be polar opposites. But we all know that is not true. If anything, “feminist” and “united” should be considered synonyms. After all, the end goal of feminism is to reach equality and to put an end to sexism. I don’t know where this bogus $3 bill came from, but now I know that the need to educate the public about feminism is stronger now than it has ever been before.