“I am not a man hater. I do not think that women are better than men. I just know that all humans deserve equal opportunities and think that we should be viewed on our individual strengths and capabilities. I am a feminist, and feminism is not a dirty word.”

This article, written by Katie Kulus, is so important and relates very clearly to our topic this week. Feminism is not defined as anything but a “movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression” (Hooks, 2000). Both of these women agree that feminism is is not solely based on the idea that it is a movement just for women or against men, but rather, it is the fight for everyone to be equal. This article ties so well with this week’s topic because of how it points out the historical value of feminism in a way that relates to today’s society. Kulus, as a high schooler, understands that although people associate feminism with the radical feminists, that there are also other points, such as that by Bell, to back it up.


Hooks, Bell. (2000). Feminism is for Everybody. Cambridge: South End Press.