Dear Haters,

There has been much discussion recently about the topic of feminism, and whether it is still necessary in this day and age.  This can be seen through posts on twitter where people use #IDONTNEEDFEMINISM.


Posts such as these have been flooding into the twitter universe as of late to explain why feminism is irrelevant in 2016 since women and men in developed countries have the same rights.  Going beyond the lowest bar for human equality, there are more women attending higher level education facilities, and in a couple of years, there will be more women than men in corporate America.  With these facts, what is the feminist campaign trying to accomplish?  If people actually knew what feminism is, 90% of all of the tweets would probably not exist.  Surprisingly, most of the tweets were from women who feel as though they don’t need a movement to stand up for their own rights.


Being able to stand up for yourself is great, but that doesn’t make the feminist movement pointless.  Feminism fights against all the injustices that can’t be put on paper.  From how comfortable women feel walking alone at night, to being cat called during the day, and certain judgements that are made about women in power positions.  The list goes far beyond what I just mentioned, but those are a couple examples of how feminism is still necessary, and can’t be stopped by taking a passive approach.  People aren’t born feminists, it takes education and awareness, which is what this movement brings.

Something that really jumped out to me was, again, that there were so many anti-feminist females.  I always had thought that this movement was geared towards males, but it truly is present, and needs to be projected to everyone.  Honestly, women have the most to gain from feminism too, so the fact that they are in the dark about the meaning behind feminism, it’s pertinent that woman are made aware of what this movement is all about.

Again, feminism exists and is a big issue, and before you hate on it do some research.