Dear Haters,

I have read over what you have said throughout the Twitter-sphere. Feminism has been distorted into this misconstrued idea that has been taken by society and deluded into some idea that people think is an excuse to become more privileged. For me, there were a few tweets that have stuck out to me. Many are constantly distorting the actual definition of Feminism. Shaw stated in “What is Women’s Studies,” people are constantly misconstruing feminists as those who believe “exaggerate discrimination against women” and “hate men or want to be like men and selfishly want to create new systems of power over men” (Shaw, 16). Today, we change this perception and learn the reality of feminism.

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Bell Hooks stated in her work, “Feminism is for Everybody,” that feminism is actually a “movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.” This definition agrees with the fact that feminism is a movement, but it is not solely based on the idea that it is a movement just for women. Feminism, as it is stated by this definition, isn’t restricted based on gender, but instead represents all those who are discriminated against in order for everyone to be equal. In Feminist Politics, she agrees with this fact, stating that any oppressed gender is affected and, therefore, can be applied to this movement, Feminism.

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In Feminist Thought, a few feminist views are compared. Radical feminism depicts the system as corrupt, solely focusing on power, dominance, hierarchy, and competition, and that it needs to be eradicated and change the focus. Many are seeking to remove men from social and economic power because they are so against the male gender. When the majority of people think of feminism, the first example of feminism is that of this group. It’s a tiny fraction, but because of the lack of education, many think all feminists hold this same radical belief.

Another feminist view is the post-modern feminism. Post-modern feminism is defined as women use their position to criticize norms, values, and practices of a culture dominated by men. Because of this, even though women are seen as being lesser than men, they can advocate for change and make a difference.

I hope some people have learned something from this because there are different forms of feminism that many don’t know about. They immediately think of the radical feminists that give feminism a bad name and associate it with only being anti-men, when in reality it is egalitarian for all genders and sexes. If nothing more, I hope this letter at least gives one person a more educated opinion of what feminism actually is and can spread the truth of how it isn’t just radicals that are using this movement.

Best wishes,



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