Black women were always the last in the chain of humans, you always had the white males,  white females, Black males and then the black women. Being a women was already hard enough in past times but being black too took a toll on some people in society badly. Black women weren’t always treated with the best respect and most uplifting greetings. Patrcia Hill Collins brings to my attentions in her ” What’s in a Name? Women, Black Feminist and Beyond” that to be”womanish” girls acted in outragous, courageous, and willful ways, attributes that freed them from the convetions long limiting white women”. Black women are very different and have a lot of attributes white women don’t have but instead of praising them they take what the black women have and change into their own inventions. She believes that black women are superior to white women because of some of the black traditions from the past and im not one to say that i agree because I think all women should be equal. If we were saying that one was superior than the other i would agree to black women being superior to white women.