Dearest Luuuuuuuucy,

First, I am sorry. I am sorry for whoever you met along the way who made you believe that feminists deserve to be described as “delusional, disgusting, hypocritical & man-hater[s]” per your tweet on February 20th of this year. There must be something that was done to you for these strong feelings to exist.

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I am so glad that along the line, someone taught you to respect men. That is wonderful, and a key point in feminism is having respect equally for the genders. But I am so very confused as to where you get the terms delusional, disgusting, and hypocritical.

Is it delusional to want to be treated fairly in regards to jobs and pay? Because even looking at the March 31 of this years video titled “U.S. Women Soccer Players Charge Pay Discrimination”, it is a very real thing that still exists. There were a reported “$16 million dollar profits” on the women’s soccer team last year and “losses” when it came to the mens, however, the women were paid “between 28% and 68% less” for their wins than the men. Even when they won all of their games, they were still paid less than the men.

Is it delusional to pay people a better wage for a job better done? I don’t think so. I think that in a society based upon performance, you should get paid for what you bring to the table, and that shouldn’t be determined by your gender.

In terms of “man-hater”, dear Luuuuuuuuucy, you are wrong. Yes, you have the outspoken women who have been hurt by the system of male dominated politicians, but you are fundamentally wrong. Feminism is not about hating men, it is not about belittling their accomplishments. It is strictly about giving the genders equal opportunity and recognition for the tasks they accomplish. If you truly believe that feminism is about hating men, please let me try and persuade you otherwise.

3% of sexual assaults that happen each year, the victim is male. However, astounding numbers of these assaults go unreported because it is viewed as unmanly, wimpish, even pussy-like for a man to say that he did not want the sex or sexual act that was forced upon him. Do you know, Luuuuuuuucy, who stands tallest for those men who are victims? It is not their male cohorts, but instead the Feminist population who tries so desperately to have their voices heard by the community as valid ones. If feminism was about man hating, then they would have no care in the world about male victims.

It is not about hating men. It is not about disrespecting men. It is simply about being valued for the cards you bring to the table and the hard work that you put in to your life. I am glad that the men you have met respect you, I really am. However, I think you’re lying if you say that you’ve never felt unsafe walking down the street alone at night. Or unsafe when you pass by someone that you don’t know when it’s dark outside and their eyes linger a little too long. I am glad that the men you’ve met respect you, but you are one of the lucky ones. I know society tells us that women can’t work together to reach the top, we all have to try and tear each other down in order for one of us to be “Supreme”, however that’s not how it works. And just because the men you’ve met respect you, statistically someday down the line, you will meet one who doesn’t. Or your sister will or your mother or daughter or best friend or aunt or cousin or someone that you truly care about. And then, I hope to God that those feminists come to help you build your life back to where it was.





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