For this weeks blog post, I really had no idea what to write, so I did what any good college student would do; I procrastinated. I scrolled through Facebook, went outside, watched some Netflix, even listened to the political talk shows that my mom is always hassling me about. And through all of this, I kind of stumbled upon something that I want to discuss;  the idea of sex in regards to the upcoming presidential election.

Obviously, Hilary Clinton is a presidential candidate and *gasp* SHE’S A WOMAN. Big shock, I know. In between the articles on why she should be a prison candidate instead of a presidential one and why she’s the best option for the non-racist population, there lies a disturbing current of extremely sexist and derogatory comments and suggestions. The first is pretty blatant when you listen to the media. She is referred to plainly as Hilary. No Mrs. Clinton, no delegate Clinton, just Hilary. Every other candidate has been referred to by their full name, or a Mr./Delegate/Congressman, etc, in front of their last name. Now if anything about my Southern upbringing can be translated into nationwide information, it’s that you never call an adult by their first name unless they specifically ask you to. Anything less than that is a sign of disrespect.

So it makes me wonder. Is she referred to on a first name basis as a low-key slide towards her gender, making it as if she’s not a real political candidate? Or is this just a complete oversight when it comes to the media in addressing her? I really have no answer, I just think it’s an interesting comparison.

The other thing that I’ve noticed so much that definitely ties in with the history of feminism in this country, how far we’ve come, and how far we have to go is the backhanded insults on her marriage and the affair her husband had in office.

from top to bottom:

“her own husband doesn’t want her. Why should we?”

“Bill always chose someone other than Hillary. Shouldn’t you?”

“The last time a Clinton was in the White House, she had one job and it was outsourced to Monica.”


While I understand that the intent is to be funny and to play lightheartedly on the fact that her husband went outside of his marriage vows and had an affair, the underlying sexist themes are hard to ignore.

“She had one job”- excuse me?

Her job was a delegate and congresswoman. Her “job” was not to watch out for her husband’s infidelity with his assistant. Her “job” was not to be there for all of her husband’s sexual frustrations and cravings, because she, too, has a job that is very demanding and called for a lot of her time.

It blows my mind how sexist and condescending people can be towards her campaign just because of her husband’s transgressions. For reference, any of the pictures used above can be found with a Google search containing the words “Hillary Clinton AND meme AND Bill AND affair”.

I am by no means supporting Hillary because of her gender, or trying to influence you in who to support just because of what genitals they have, I’m simply trying to rationalize to myself the insanity of the world we live in, where people are trying to justify their votes based upon a candidate’s significant other’s mistakes.

Welcome to America.