After reading through this week’s materials, I gained some new insight on what feminism is and where it is headed in the future. Feminists have already accomplished so much just within the past 50 or so years, and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I chose to add a picture of Miley Cyrus to this post because I believe she embodies the overall attitude of what a feminist should be. She is unapologetic about being who she wants to be and not caring about what kinds of boxes other people try to put her in. I think having this sort of outlook is important when thinking about how feminism is going to continue to change the world in the future. Feminists are constantly stereotyped and people make assumptions about people who identify as feminists. It is our job to break down those walls in order to open people’s minds to new ways of thinking about feminism.

This week, I looked at the video What Has Feminism Accomplished? and really enjoyed hearing about the cool things that have been going on in recent history. Just a short time ago, women weren’t allowed to even own their own credit cards and only recently has there been shifts in the occupational expectations of women and where we are accepted in the workplace. Feminists have been working to break down the walls that society has set for women in order to make a more equal social, political, and economic system in not only our country, but other countries around the world as well.

The next video I looked at was WHY I’M A…FEMINIST. In this video, she discusses disparities between where society places women and the kinds of expectations given to us women when compared to men. It is clear that men and women are often told to behave a certain way or to accept certain gender roles that have been given to us over time. However, feminism is fighting against this to give all women the same basic rights as men and to destroy the gender roles we have been told to adhere to.

Lastly, in the Poetry and Trans Politics: Darkmatter video, feminism is discussed in relation to gender identity and sexual orientation. An interesting and important point made in this video is that gender identity should be determined by the individual and what is “male” or “female” isn’t concrete or stagnant. What looks or seems to be male or female to one person might be completely different than to someone else. We should have the power as individuals to be who we want to be and this is something that feminism has the ability to affect.

When looking toward the future, I think all of these things that have been discussed throughout the first unit have implications for change toward equality for women and men. While so many good points were made in each of these videos, actions are the only things that are really going to change the future of gender and sex equality. Going back to the example of Miley Cyrus as a feminist, it is clear to see that she has not only talked about being who she wants to be and not letting the entertainment industry or society take over her identity, but she is putting these thoughts into action. Actively pursuing feminist goals is what will ultimately make a difference in how men and women are viewed and treated.