“Who are you wearing?” – the most common question asked to women on the red carpet

I saw this great video a couple weeks ago, and figured this was a big display of feminism in today’s society.  The fact that it is socially acceptable to ask these questions to a female, but when they are asked to males, comical, highlights just how prominent sexism is in Hollywood, and our society.  This video does a good job at exposing a way of thinking that is fundamentally wrong, but widely accepted.  Hollywood values women more on their appearance than anything else, so it’s more important to be aesthetically pleasing than it is to be interesting.  This is an overwhelming truth in the movie industry, which of course leads to sexist questions on the red carpet, and institutional sexism in the industry itself.  This video is about a year old, so this injustice is finally being exposed.  Hopefully stars from all backgrounds can address this issue so better questions can be asked, and we can combat sexism in Hollywood.