Charlotte Bunch clearly has a negative opinion of the white males thought of lesbians in society and how they “should act, feel, look, and live”. In her article “Lesbians in revolt” she includes “The Lesbian rejects male sexual/political domination” in her first paragraph so show us how strongly she feels about the white male in power and everything they stand for. She believes that the whole society declare male supreme and only lesbians put women first, in which I don’t agree. Not all men think women are less than themselves, some men in this world only care about people such as their mother and the last time i checked that was a women. I also agree when she states “They also say Lesbians are not real women” because most men to say this but only to the women who try to be men. How can someone call a women and girl or a lady when she’s walking around sagging her pants as if she was not a women and wanted to be a guy. In my opinion women have the right to like who they want and dress how they want but don’t get offended if a man doesn’t call you Ms. or Mrs. because you look the opposite from a women.

Women worry to much about what guys are thinking or what anyone is thinking matter of fact. To worried about if your friends will except you because you like the same sex, you women bring these problems upon yourself. Honestly most men really dont care. A lesbian is just a girl who likes a girl.