Wednesday June 1, 2016

I live on a small man made lake in Northern Virginia where the majority of residents are families who have sons and daughters around my age (20years old) or who are 60years+. Today me and two of my friends went to one of the beaches to float on some inner-tubes because it was a nice day. All three of us were in our bathing suits (2 of us in bikinis and one in a once piece). One of the elderly women asked us to come to shore for a second and we thought she just wanted to have a friendly chat or look at our floats which were a swan and a pizza. Once we get to shore she explains to us why me and my friend Anna should not be wearing such “tiny suits” and we should dress more modestly when coming to a public place, like out friend Lily.

I realize that maybe I could be wearing a “more modest” swimsuit in a family setting, but today there was not a single other person besides the life guard (who was also one of our friends) on the beach. This particular lady was just taking a walk when she decided to bring us to shore to share her opinion on our clothing to us. I believe this is sexism because I guarantee if any of the 18-22 year old boys who live on the lake were swimming on the beach in a speedo, they would not have been brought to shore to be scolded by an opinionated elderly woman on a walk. I’m not saying I would like to walk around without a shirt on, but guys do wear speedos–equivalent to women’s bathing suit bottoms–and they are not required to wear anything on top.

Thursday June 2, 2016

I just got home from a bonfire with some of my friends. I was talking about this class that I am taking and some of the issues that have been brought up. I was explaining one of the blog posts about the red carpet being sexist and how after doing my assignments for this class I am always in a very pro-equal rights mood (more than I am normally). One of the guys there said something along the lines of “yeah it must suck being a woman and not being able to control your emotions”. I know he was joking and that he only said that to get a laugh out of his friends, but it bothers me because fighting for women’s rights is not an emotion. When Democrats and Republicans talk about their beliefs they get argumentative and defensive as well because that is how people react in situations where their beliefs are being put down. No matter how many facts someone spits out, there will always people someone else who puts those facts down–that is how debates work. It is not a ‘womanly’ thing to get defensive when reading, writing, listening or watching things about the unfair way women are treated. Just his one comment made me second guess myself and think that I was overreacting, but I am not. We all have beliefs that we are allowed to stand up for and be defensive towards (in a calm matter). That is why America is ‘free’.

Friday June 3,2016

A lot of people I know are graduating from high school right now, so with that comes many grad parties. My mom came into my room today and said “hey what would be a good thing besides money to give to Jake?? Like a good college boy thing.” My dad then said something from the hallway “beer and girls”. My mom rolled her eyes and our conversation continues but as I was thinking about what to get Jake I thought about our conversation. My mom didn’t have to add the ‘boy thing’ into her question. In fact after placing a gender on the present, so to speak, I found it harder ro come up with something because it was supposed to be a ‘good boy thing’ for college. I know neither of my parents were intending to be sexist, but it is so natural in our society to gender stereotype because that’s how our parents grew up and that’s how we’ve grown up.

Saturday June 4,2016

i was over at a friends house this morning eating breakfast when my friends younger brother came inside. He was freaking out because he had just accidentally backed into my friend’s car (his sister). Lilly wasn’t mad or anything because she knew it was an accident but Michael started to cry because he felt so bad about denting the car. Lilly’s youngest brother then came in and started laughing at Michael for crying and too him to “be a man” about it. Lily and I told the younger brother to go away because he was being rude. It isn’t fair that these stereotypes are so known and used that even in your own house if a boy shows emotions other than anger, he isn’t considered to be a man. Michael is 19 so he’s not a child, but he felt so bad that he was crying and to me that’s fine. I would’ve cried too but since he has a penis in between his legs its not okay that he cries.

Saturday June 5, 2016

Jak’s grad party was this evening and I was talking to him and another guy who is going to be going to VT next year. They were asking me what my best advice was when my friend’s dad came over. Mr. Rooms is known to be a loud, funny guy who kinda acts like he’s drunk all the time even though he’s not. He came over and started saying to these boys things like “are you guys ready for college? Freedom to bang any girl ha want and not have to worry about bringing her home to mom?” Followed by a laugh from the boys and Mr. Rooms. If it was two girls I was talking to about going to college there is no way anyone would come up to them and say “are you ready to bang every guy without worrying about dad and his shotgun waiting for you on the front porch?”. Instead they would ask about what the girls were going to study or if they have found a roommate yet. It sucks because there is such a divide between the genders that we can’t help but be apart of when it’s older men/women who instigate it. That’s how they’ve grown up and they aren’t going to change there ways after 50 years.