Today’s media probably has the most unbelievable and craziest things you’d ever see. Social media stereotypes everyone, especially women of color. The reading had a lot of interesting points that I always thought of but never really looked into. It really does blow my mind how society tries to make it seem as if their isn’t white privilege still going on. The picture of the 2 mothers breast feeding is what really caught my attention. How can the picture of the white mother be called adorable but the picture of the colored mothered cause a “controversial” problem? They are literally doing the same exact thing but because she is black it isn’t considered adorable it’s a problem. Since when is it a problem for an African American women to graduate from college and still manage to take care of her child. We understand that it may be rare but more women are trying and they should be shamed for it, they should be praised and congratulated because we really don’t see that often.