I took the quiz “Which Gender Are You Subconsciously?” that was linked in our unit this week. I won’t write much about it because if you take the quiz you can see for yourself how dumb it is and how 1 question is about your gender and the other 9 are about the way we feel and how those fit into genders. For example, one of the questions asks how confident you are. How does confidence have anything to do with gender? I guess stereotypically women are more shy than men??? I don’t know.

Another question was about how comfortable I feel in my own skin. Again, how does this relate at all to gender? More questions asked how open-minded I think I am, or what my biggest fear is related to my gender, or how patient I think I am. One question even asks what my highest level of education is.

I understand that this is a stupid quiz that has nothing to do with anything, but come on most of these questions deal with sexual identity or self-image. In the end I am apparently 90% female and 10% male. What does this mean exactly? well according to the quiz: “You’re subconsciously 90% female and 10% male. Your gender mix is clear! You’re a feminine female who feels secure and confident in her gender. You feel very little risk or danger associated with your gender identity but you have the same fears and struggles that all women do about intimacy and sex. You’re naturally compassionate and open-minded. You have a bit of a masculine side that may come out when you’re determined or passionate about something, but you’re 90% female and loving it!”

^^So based on my results I am 10% male because SOMETIMES I might get a little determined or passionate about something. I am 90% female because I have the same fears and struggles that all women do about intimacy and sex and lastly I am a feminine female and i’m loving it!!!!!!

What does “you have a bit of a masculine side” even mean?? or “feminine female”??? I am not sure how this quiz got published, but I hope someday these will not be circling the internet anymore.


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