I have attached a video to this post that I would like to share with the class and anyone else viewing this post!! This video was actually posted as a comment under one of the blogs we had to read for this week. The professor is from Stanford, and he discusses differences in brain structures between males, females, and transgenders. He says that there are pretty obvious differences in the number and sizes of specific neurons in the brains of males and females. He states, “you could pretty confidently determine the sex of somebody by seeing the number of these neurons” (Ehipassiko). Uniquely, transsexuals have the same sized neurons as the sex they say and believe they are, NOT the biological sex they were born with. This means that a trans woman (even though she was born with a penis) has the same brain structure as a woman, parallel to the small size of cis women’s brain neurons. This is proof to me that even “scientific” brain differences between the different sexes are individual to the IDENTITY of that person, not the body they were given.




Ehipassiko. “Gender Orientation: IS Conditions Within The TS Brain.”YouTube. YouTube, 10 Mar. 2013. Web. 03 June 2016.