As I reflect on my own intersectionality and times when I was marginalized and had privilege I noticed it has happen a lot more than I realized while growing up. Some of my favorite music videos contain enormous examples of privilege of being a guy. In the videos you see your favorite rappers surrounded by beautiful women and more money than they can handle. In addition to that they have mansions and foreign cars from all over the world it makes you feel like being a guy was the thing to be. At the same time if you listen to the lyrics to some rappers and musicians you can hear how they downgrade women with the names that they call them and the way that they talk to and about women. These same videos glorify the “thug life” and make it seem like if you were not from the “hood” then you weren’t tough and not a real man if you don’t result to violence if you have a problem. While not as serious for me personally because I am a bigger guy I recall some women singer videos that would have men stand-ins that were super muscular and tall and I would think that I am glad be tall and strong enough to play on a sport team because if I wasn’t then videos like that would make me feel like less of a man and less desirable. I became aware of things like this when I got to college as a freshman and was living on my own. I was raised by an older sister and single mother and I knew that I wanted any man that they were in a relationship with to treat them like gold but the music I listened to would say otherwise. From those moments forth I was selective of the music I listened and conscious of how I treat women and men. Regardless of gender I tried to assure that I treated everyone how I wanted to be treated.