I experienced a couple of events this week that I felt were worth sharing for this assignment.

1.) Seeing Neighbors 2

Neighbors two was a very interesting movie to see.  I really liked how it was able to bring up so many feminist issues in such a funny and light hearted way.   Not only did it talk about the differences between what sororities are allowed to do vs what fraternities are allowed to do, it also focused a lot of women’s independence and making your own decisions.  All in all I think that it helps to give people a better idea that feminism is all about equality by using the fan base that they already had.  They are also able to catch a much younger crowd with this movie.

2.)Three TLC shows on transgendered children

This week we focused a lot on how genders are defined, and while watching TV with my roommate we realized that TLC has multiple shows on transgendered children.  I kind of have mixed feelings on how many shows there are on this topic.  I have noticed that there are at least three, and I watched an episode of two of them.  I like how these shows are making the knowledge about the difference between gender and sex more available to the general population.  I also found it very interesting that these children were able to overcome any fears that they might have had and start their transition so early.  I think that these shows have a lot of potential to help, but I think i’m just not a huge fan of reality TV in general and I think that no one’s life needs to be that public.  But I’m not sure that my opinions on reality TVs impact on the world

3.) Going to the movies with just a guy friend

I went to the movies with one of my very good guy friends this week and it go me thinking about how a lot of people think that a girl and a guy can’t just be friends.  Personally I have had a lot of guy friends and it has never gotten weird between us, but I just think that that is another gender issue that should be brought up for conversation.