Something that I find very annoying is that men’s and women’s products are not priced equally, and in places like target they even keep them on separate isles so that the price difference is even less obvious.  Personally, I have noticed an especially large discrepancy in razor prices.  If in target you pick up the cheapest “women’s” disposable razor and he cheapest “mens” disposable razors you will notice that the women’s razors are about two dollars more.  These are made by the same exact brand and have the same exact number of razors in them.  Personally I even think that the mens ones last a little longer, but thats just me.  These price differences can be seen across mens and women’s products, with the women’s products always costing more.  I also find it interesting how mens razors advertise how long they last, I just saw an ad for one that is suppose to last a month.  Women’s razors only ever say to switch them out as often as possible.