Monday 5/30- Monday while lifting weights with my basketball teammates I overheard guys telling a high school recruit that he was a good player but needed to be bigger and stronger if he wanted to play in the ACC. I noticed that day the expectations that society places on males to be strong and big and masculine.

Tuesday 5/31- Dinner at my aunt’s house my older cousin was teasing my younger cousin and when he started to cry my older cousin said “stop crying like a girl”. This norm considers it okay for women to cry and show emotion but not allowed for boys.

Wednesday 6/1- I noticed during open gym today that it is allowed for boys to play and workout with our shirts off but if the women’s players worked out topless it would be considered out of the norm.

Thursday 6/2- While I am not sexist I have to admit upon discovery of one of our strength trainer’s wife is a former body builder I was surprised although I was not surprised that my trainer himself was a body builder. It was stereotypical to expect this occupation from my male trainer but not his female wife.

Friday 6/3- An Instagram post that I saw today I noticed that a half naked women received a lot of attention and likes along with comments while a few posts down a girl posting about Christianity didn’t get nearly as much attention.