Reading bare bones of sex I’ve understood the different between sex and gender and why “the early 1970s, we made the theoretical claim that sex differs from gender and that social institutions produce observed social differences between men and women”. Most people don’t understand that sex refers to the bones and the chromosomes and internal and external organs. Gender refers to the characteristics of the women or men, this is decided by a culture or society, according to Sterling the thought of how gender is changes overtime and I totally agree. They give us a idea of how men are supposed to be you know masculine, strong, protective, good at sports, power and so on but that shouldn’t be what is expected from people. I’ve met some strong powerful women who aren’t considered men just because they share these characteristics. Women are supposed to be feminine  and soft the house cleaners and cooks, well if one decides to be that way then that’s fine. However I do know that my mother is strong and very dependent, she isn’t a man and that shouldn’t define her because society thinks it should be that way.