Women continue to make progress even through the tough struggles of being “less than man”, but black women they are special. Before today’s time black women faced one of the toughest jobs, during slavery times women didn’t do anything but cook clean and take care of other people’s children. What makes black women so strong to me is that some of them who bear a child for nine months when have their baby that probably was conceived during rape taking away from them. That is one of the toughest situations I’ve heard of, yet Black women they are progressing into incredible human being. According to Patricia Hill Collins “THE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF BLACK FEMINIST THOUGHT” Black women’s everyday acts of resistance challenge two prevailing approaches and the approach that really catches my attention is “that the oppressed are less human than their rulers and, therefore, are less capable of Articulating their own standpoint.” For one to actually put themselves above another because of skin color and gender is pretty insane to me and I feel absolutely horrible for whoever has that mindset. I totally agree with Collin when encourages that “African-American women to value their own subjective knowledge base.” African-American women have more hope than they give themselves credit for but it also starts with the men in the world, they shouldn’t treat women like they are something less but encourage our women to be something much greater than the stereotypes of the average African American woman. Think about it the first lady of the United States in a black African American woman