When I first started watching this, I thought it was going to be really dumb, but wow, she ended up making amazing points that I’ve never thought about. She starts off by saying we live in a burger world that makes it hard for pizza to fit in. Obviously, these are metaphors for other things in life, but figuring out what they are is up to interpretation. I never thought about the fact feminists fight for only the rights of those who are like them, but it makes sense. And it’s not just feminist who do this, but any sort of social justice warriors. You’re always going to have the majority of people who want to worry about their needs before getting to the smaller portion of their causes’ problems as well, and that’s not fair.  But she goes even further to mention that what normally occurs on a deluxe pizza is shamed, but when it occurs unnaturally on a cheese pizza, it is praised beyond believe. I have never seen anyone point it out in such a fun, obvious way that made sense to me. There are social movements that are aimed at making natural hair for African American women more accepted and embraced. And why the hell should it not be? It’s your natural hair! It’s growing in that way for a reason, and how dare anyone try and tell you that it isn’t good enough. Yet, when naturally curly hair occurs on a white/latino/ non african american, it’s praised as being beautiful and wonderful and unique. Same goes with lips. There has been a huge trend on social media and in fashion to have plump, fuller looking lips on white women, but they’ve been a source of ridicule for women of color for years.

If women want to get anywhere in the feminist movement, they can’t ignore a large part of their fighters just because they have been deemed third class citizens. That’s not how the equality thing works. You can’t be fighting for equality all while ignoring the needs of a section of your population. If we want to get anywhere in this lifetime with gender equality, we must first look and make sure that the rights and privileges of the group are not being stepped on and abused. You can’t fight for equality while ignoring the rights of your fighters.