Gender Journal

I shared that I love getting complemented for driving stick-shift and that I was over the moon when I was the only one in a group of five guys who knew how to jump a car.  Looking at Justin Hubbell’s cartoon, it seems as though in the current state of affairs, I should be part of “an entire planet suffering over outdated ideas” rather than proud of standing out the way I do.  I agree with the final words of the cartoon— that maintaining a gender binary is impossible, but this brings me to Betsy Lucal’s What it Means to be Gendered Me: Life on the Boundaries of a Dichotomous Gender System

Lucal references Johnson’s The Gender Knot, arguing that “we ‘go along to get along,’ allowing our actions to be shaped by the gender system…by withdrawing our support for this system by choosing paths of greater resistance, we can start chip away at it.” Basically supporting her choice to dress in a non-feminine way.  But like I said in one of my first posts, I enjoy dressing in such a style.  Then again on the other hand, this makes me think of what I said about Jake’s opinions on Haley— I would really rather not be looked down on (by guys or girls) for dressing promiscuously (then again I don’t think I do).  I was certainly not dressed in a “girly” way when Ithaca-College-Dude was acting so creepily.  I was actually dressed far more like Lucal, in running shorts, a baggy tank top, and my hair in a low pony-tail.  However I was wearing makeup.  Would I have been as scared of him if he had been female?  I believe so.  In my opinion it was more his actions than his gender that petrified me. 

Lastly I come to Risman’s Gender as a Social Structure.  She spends some time discussing the recursive relationship, where the social structure leads people to act a certain way, but the actions they take are made for their own reasons.  We tend to act inside the acceptable social constructs of our gender, but by doing so we perpetuate gender roles.  I’ve realized that this comes from talking about potentially non-existent differences in gender— like discussing wither girls or boys get better tips in the restaurant industry: we only perpetuate the differences and discrepancies by further discussing them.


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