My honest opinion of this article is it’s way too much.  My grievance of this article was there were obviously comments that attacked Porter’s masculinity, but the author decided to not include them in the article to prove her point.  Just because white men who are straight are “freer” to do a stunt like this, doesn’t mean that they don’t get flack from internet trolls, or people who don’t know them personally.

The author then goes on to compare this silly internet dance to Odell Beckham, who’s dances are widely loved, and his wild hairstyle is mimicked throughout the US.  The author then pulls three negative comments out of an obscure Instagram post and says how Beckham doesn’t reap “Jock Insurance” because he is black.  Then goes on to talk about how an opposing player mocked him and yelled gay slurs at him because of his image whom is also black.  Trash talk is part of the game of football.  I’m sure if Porter competed directly against someone, they would try and get into his head as well.

Another thing that bugged me was the ending when she quotes sociologist Michael Messner in regards to Porter’s dance “More style than substance.”  Viral videos are the best way to reach a broad audience nowadays.  This video was a quick attempt to tackle gender barriers, and this author is critical because she could have maybe blogged about it.

Take for instance the “Running Man Challenge.”  This dance was started by black males on the Maryland basketball team, and it blew up (in a good way).  I don’t think I ever saw anyone say anything negative about the dance, or question their sexualities.  I think this article just really bugged me because, yes, white people are privileged, but not in the area of dancing.  And kissing a man on the neck is a much more controversial topic in the eyes of society than a viral internet dancing video.

The sad thing about this is that this athlete is trying to defy conventional gender roles and then his efforts are downplayed, and used as a tool to lazily attack an entirely different issue.