2015 marks the sixteenth year of this historic day that memorializes and honors those who were victims to transphobic violence.  The article particularly notes that the number of trans women killed this year in the U.S is nearly double compared to last year.  However it is important to note that the majority of countries around the world do not carry any public system which reports the deaths of trans people.  The link below also notes that a majority of these victims are women of color.  As the blogger “” has pointed out, “biological sex is an instrument of transphobia.  The concept of assigned sex as an unchanging objective fact has countless negative repercussions for trans people, from interpersonal relationships to accessing basic health care.”  While I am not entirely sure I can agree with this blogger on every point detailed in his blog, I do agree on one common perception of a person’s gender.  This perception is that the combination of a person’s sex, sexual orientation and gender expression  becomes the gender of that individual.  It is important to note though that these aspects do not determine a person’s gender but they do affect others perception of the gender.



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