This week the recurring theme that stood out the most to me was the struggle between feminism fighting to be treated equally, and the struggle of black women toward the feminist movement. One reading that stood out the most to me was the three videos, “why we need to talk about white feminism”, “Kimberlee Crenshaw discusses feminism”, and “on intersectionality in feminism and pizza” with the black lives matter movement making traction in the media, as I watched the Kimberlee Crenshaw video and I realized how the problems of black women were not being shed to light within the movement. When Kimberlee said that there were 20 women who were victims of police brutality I was beyond shocked. Usually when you look at the black lives matter movement, you don’t see them shed to light much, if any disrespect or wrong doing done to black women, mostly black men. Then I looked at the video “intersectionality in feminism and pizza” What I ultimately pulled from it was the cheese pizza being the representation of white women, and the supreme pizza being the representation of colored women in the stance of feminism. What I grasped from the video was that even though the cheese pizza, (white women) were pushing for change to be treated more equal toward the cheeseburgers (males), they do not realize that the struggles the supreme pizza (women of color) have to endure more than being treated equally because it is a pizza, (female) but also because it is a supreme pizza (woman of color). I have to say I wholeheartedly agree. I can sympathize with women of color with the troubles of racism, as I too am a man of color, but as a male I can’t understand the troubles that come from being a women of color dealing with racism and sexism all in one. Just like the video said within their own gender they can be looked down upon for standing up for their feminine rights, but if it is a Caucasian female it will be accepted in society a little bit better. The last video that drove the point home for me was the video about white feminism. Honestly the term white feminism, kind of saddens me. It lets me know that society can’t come together, even though we as people have one goal in mind, equality. Feminism has been broken up into white feminism and regular, when if women could all come together and realize that women of color don’t only have sexism to worry about, but racism as well. I feel if a change is really to be provided for equality it must be taken into account that women of color have more obstacles to face than just sexism.