1) As I walked down the street, I noticed a girl riding her bike toward me. As she came closer to me she fell off her bike and crashed into the pavement. I immediately reacted without thinking and picked up her bike and grabbed her hand to help her up. I was going to ask if she was ok but she looked really embarrassed and I had a feeling that she wanted this situation to be over as quick as possible. She got up, said thanks, grabbed her bike and was on her way.


2) My female friend came over to see me today. We were relaxing watching a movie and we heard a noise in the hallway. Admittedly I felt really lazy and I didn’t want to get out of bed, and I felt like it was nothing so I acted like I didn’t hear anything. But my friend paused the movie and gave me a look. I rolled my eyes and got up, mumbling a curse word. I check the hallway and confirmed that there was nothing there. I start to wonder, is it because I’m a man that she feels safer with me going to check it?


3) I looked on Youtube today on my subscriptions and saw a video on one of the people that I was subscribed to. It was about his reaction to the Ghostbusters movie getting ready to come out, and how he refuses to see it and gives his reasons why. He talks about how the movie wasn’t interesting and being that he was a huge ghostbusters fan he didn’t approve at all. He hated how the movie was called Ghostbusters, feeling as if it was trying to replace the originals that he grew to love. He hated that people called it female Ghostbusters, instead of just Ghostbusters or something like Ghostbusters the Revolution. Soon after people took to twitter and started bashing him, calling him names and even claiming that he is sexist for simply not wanting to see the movie. I instantly sympathized with him, seeing the trailer myself I thought it sucked, and I didn’t understand how people could see him as sexist just because of his disapproval of the movie. Wouldn’t that be sexist in itself for disrespecting this man just because he doesn’t like a movie that happens to have an all female cast?


4) Today I saw this video on the internet wear this girl shows how much sexual harassment that women go through. She walked down the street in the middle of the day in New York and recorded a bunch of guys trying to talk to her as she was walking and stopped her trying to get her number and all that. Is that sexual harassment, or just being annoying as all hell? This confuses me on what sexual harassment is. Being a shy person I know I wouldn’t even have enough in me to do the same that some of those guys did, and I figure that females rarely respond to a bunch of guys hassling them. But as a man if you see a girl fairly attractive, and have no other means of communicating to her because you never met her before, how else are you supposed to display interest to that person. Most of the guys were pretty creepy but some were honestly just trying to get her attention, do females really find this offensive?


5) Today I went to my female friend’s house and we hung out. When we were watching Tv. We begin to talk about women and the experiences I have had around them. I ask her what women may think of me from first glance. She replies that either they would be very attracted to me, or would be very afraid. She says that because I’m tall and muscular and black with tattoos that either the female would be interested or immediately intimidated by my look. This kind of offended me, as the thought that I wouldn’t even have a chance with some females because of my looks





Based on my journal articles I realized a lot of what is usually the norm and what is expected from me by society. In all honesty I never really realized that I was simply going over the norms of what it meant to be a man in society because, I was always conditioned to growing up. When I was younger my dad had left when I was 4, but my mom had a boyfriend that pretty much taught me how to be a man. I was taught that I had to be the masculine one and be the protector of the house. In most cases I had to even be the man of the house and protect my little sister and my mom when I was the only male in the house. I took the gender quiz and found out that I was 90 percent male and 10 percent female, which confirmed what I was basically brought up to be, a dominant male, not for the purpose of demeaning women but because I myself had to protect the women that were the closest to me, my mom and little sister. I needed to have that masculinity in the household to protect them, this was my mindset when I was younger it wasn’t an option. Now that I look at all the things in my journal, the things I do and how I react to things concerning the opposite sex, I was conditioned to play the masculine role without even noticing it, it was just the right thing to do. For instance the entry with my female friend and us hearing something in the hallway, even though I didn’t want to get up I already knew that I was the one that had to get up and check for any danger and protect her.