After reading Newtonism: Notes on Cool Masculinity and the Fear of Black Genius I was so excited to blog about this reading that I couldn’t even decide on which quote to discuss because I wanted to quote the entire blog. However the following quote will suffice to make a valid point. From the Newtonism blog I found “Black men are cool, but that cool is often misunderstood.  Their confidence is read as disrespect.  Their stoicism is interpreted as a threat.  Their cool pose is seen as something to appropriate but not appreciate.  Cool pose masculinity is a self-defense mechanism, a habitual and learned response to injustice and racism”. As a black athlete in college guys like Cam Newton become a rare much needed role model that leads by example. That example, as the quote offers, isn’t always a quiet and bashful one. When you are faced with all of the challenges that black males face from a young age which involves stereotyping, prejudices, racism and lack of equal opportunity in some cases, you can almost say as a reaction to so many ups and downs that you learn to carry yourself a certain way. This reaction or defense mechanism, as the quote stated is just so because for some reason black confidence is often seem as threatening because they are often portrayed as thugs and hoodlums in the media which terrifies viewers. Regardless of the fact that every country of every race, creed, religion and ethnicity has it’s “good” members and the “not so good members” black men are still commonly seen as the usual suspect instead of the victim of white-owned biased media . However continuing would just be like a song on constant repeat, for the struggles of all people along with the obstacles the black race faces is no new topic in America but I still felt inclined to reiterate.


When reading A Look At How Media Writes Women of Media by Victoria Law I was interested in the a picture of two pictures created side by side that compared 2 breastfeeding college graduate mothers. The only difference between the two were that one was black and one was white. As said in the blog by Victoria Law “Both were in cap and gown. Both were smiling. Both held their baby to their bared breast. But the photos were accompanied by very different headlines:” One headline of the black mother was said to be stirring controversy while the other talked of being adorable and going viral. My thoughts on this blog is to add to what I spoke of earlier in the blog on Cam Newton is the fact that part of black male and female defense mechanism to the world we live in is to remain strong, confident and focused. We have to be more so than the next guy because those of us who are fortunate enough to have success, where for some unnatural reason black have much rarer success than others, have to remain that way even when numerous additional obstacles may be thrown in our path to deter one from that path.

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From the Huffington Post I read, Be A Man: Macho Advertising Promotes Hyper-Masculine Behavior, Study Finds where research on advertising was conducted and such was found “Psychologists Megan Vokey, Bruce Tefft and Chris Tysiaczny at the University of Manitoba analyzed advertisements in men’s magazines to see what messages they were sending about what it means to be a man. They found that a significant number of the advertisements portrayed or promoted one or more of the following beliefs: danger is exciting, toughness is a form of emotional self-control, violence is manly and it’s fine to be callous about women and sex.” While it is obvious to see the faults of all of these beliefs I would like to use this study to point out the problem in America as a whole. Millions of dollars are spent on brainwashing the viewing public into instilling these beliefs in themselves through the consumption of whatever the ad may be advertising. However when the beliefs are planted into the mind of society and one of those beliefs are acted upon then the accused are not the media or the company giving tainted ideals but the victim of their allowed misguidance is then arrested for things like assault when violence is advertised as exciting or sexual harassment when they are teaching us to be “callous about women and sex”. Such things are the roots of inequality between genders and races.