gqIn the Ad above two celebrity actors are posted on the cover of a GQ magazine. However on the left we have a mature male (George Clooney) dressed in casual business clothing and the ad is focused on his face. On the right we have Jennifer Aniston completely naked wearing a tie around her neck. While I agree that Jennifer is a beautiful sight with little to no clothes on I still find it peculiar how the media finds it necessary to allow George Clooney to keep his clothes on in his cover picture but not Jennifer. This magazine ad is sending a message that women can only get attention or be “hot” if they do not have clothes on or at least that it’s normal to not have clothes on in the public eye. To be honest just as George Clooney looks very nice and attractive in his face shot I would still be more attracted to Jennifer if she was fully clothed and George Clooney was naked. So since I know the first goal of advertisement is to catch the audience’s attention, both celebrities could have been equally clothed. Even if the reason for Jennifer being naked were to attract a male audience then I would assume that the George Clooney ad was to attract a female audience in which I am sure plenty of women would like to see him naked on a cover of a magazine as well. But ads aren’t as easily ready to place a male on a cover naked because of the picture they paint for society that a women’s sexuality is ok to be exploited and presented while men can be masculine and still garnish respect and attention in full clothes. This is degrading to women’s character and sends conflicting messages between genders.