In this short film titled, “BOY,” a young “woman” struggles to find and understand herself while dealing with the pressures of her authoritative, close-minded mother. She is constantly hinting to her mother that she is not comfortable in a girl’s body. Examples of this include showing her mom boy’s clothing in the store, displaying discomfort and anxiety when presented with the dress, cutting off her hair, and wrapping herself in tight ace bandages. She is just at the beginning of her transition process, so she must be very confused and scared about who she is and what she needs to do. Her mother should be somebody to help her through all of these big life changes in her life, but instead, her mother is totally dismissing her daughter’s desires and anxieties and worrying more about mere acquaintances than her own daughter! Watching this short film brought out a lot of emotions in me, because I could not fathom a mother to be that cold and unsympathetic to her child. I haven’t ever gone through anything as confusing or emotional as living in the wrong sexed body, but I do remember experiencing difficult times where I needed my parents’ support. The mother just seems very out-of-touch with reality and is so consumed with what other people think of her and her family. I felt happy seeing the strong bond/relationship that the young woman had with her brother and to see her mother finally come around at the end. When her mother put the tie around her neck, I understood that her mom was finally accepting and supporting her daughter’s desires and realities. I think people should watch this, so that they can be exposed to different family dynamics and the harsh reactions of some parents to something as harmless and rewarding (for their child) as a sex change.





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