I have always been a huge fan of Amy Poehler not only because she is hilarious, but also because she is honest. I recently read her book Yes Please, and I was inspired by how easily she can make fun of herself, while still portraying self-love. In my opinion, Amy Poehler does an excellent job of depicting what a real person is like. This week, I came across her YouTube video about bodies on her “Ask Amy” channel. In this video, Amy answered a viewer’s question of how to combat body issues and love yourself. As Amy is incredibly honest, she began her video by stating, “I feel what you are feeling, and I think most women do” (Poehler 2012). Once I knew she has also experienced negative body image thoughts, I was immediately intrigued by her advice. Honestly, her advice stuck out to me more than most of the positive body image campaigns I have come across.

According to Amy, gratitude is the first step to overcoming negative body image. I completely agree that the only way to combat negative thoughts is to replace them with positive thoughts. There are some things we cannot change about ourselves, but there are also beautiful things about ourselves that we often neglect to appreciate. In Amy’s clever words, we must “make friends with” the parts of our body that we find ourselves obsessing over (Poehler 2012). By doing so, we can learn to accept all parts of ourselves, even the parts we can’t change.

Although this video is short, Amy Poehler shared some honest and relatable advice. I especially love that she was sitting on her couch in a very relaxed, friendly manner as she gives her advice. If you are as inspired by this short video as I was, I urge you to check out Amy Poehler’s “Smart Girls”, which can be found at http://www.amysmartgirls.com. On this website, she uses a multitude of different media and write ups to dive into healthy, positive topics related to empowerment, self love and beyond. There really is something for everyone to enjoy on her witty website, in my opinion!


Poehler, Amy. 2012. “Bodies: Ask Amy”. YouTube website (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOWqSPJZtmA).