Many years ago, I remember watching a video that was a time lapse of a women who was transformed from her natural look to a “billboard ready” look. It begins with her walking into the makeup studio free of any makeup or enhancements. Over the course of the video, pounds of makeup are added and her hair is done. Then, her images are taken  to Photoshop where they elongate her neck and slim down her face. By the end, this woman was unrecognizable to me. And this makeup and Photoshop combination transformation is not as drastic as some of the other ads. The issue I have with this is that those women we see on billboards aren’t even real, and as a result, we set unrealistic goals and expectations for ourselves to achieve this perfect/ unattainable look. I understand that makeup and dressing up is part of the fashion industry, what bothers me more is the Photoshop. I would love for many of my own photos to be Photoshopped, but it upsets me to think this way because I should be proud of my own body with all of its flaws because it is was makes me unique. However, I feel that ads like these do not encourage individuality, but more flawless and perfect bodies that have in reality been altered on the computer.


Link to Video: Dove Evolution

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