The media that I chose to analyze is a Downy commercial titled “Rip your clothes on”. The forty-five second commercial consists around a couple, a man and a woman, starting off almost naked (in underwear) and slowly helping each other get dressed very sexually. The main purpose of this video is that Downy supposedly makes your clothes so irresistibly soft, that it would make you want to put clothes ON your partner instead of taking them off. Now, i’m sure this commercial made everyone watching it for the first time do a double-take because it is exactly the opposite of what you would expect. Naturally, you would expect a couple to take their clothes off, not dress each other. I think that this is the reaction that this commercial was out to get from people, because it successfully got my attention the first time that I saw it on TV. Gender roles are definitely challenged in this commercial. Although it is a commercial based on sex, it paints a nice light on sexual relationships. The man and the woman are both very gentle with each other as they help each other get dressed. Neither the man nor the woman is more forceful than the other, and the commercial never shows them kiss. Whether or not this was the intention of the commercial, the perception of their bodies is controlled by the media in the sense that in specific moments of the video, they focus and zoom in on specific body parts of the man and the woman, sexualizing them. At the end of the commercial, the couple is shown happy to be laying next to each other on the bed clothed, instead of naked. I like the way they ended it, because it really goes contrary to society in that naturally one would expect the couple to be happier laying in bed with each other naked. But, since the commercial is trying to emphasize that Downy makes your clothes soft, the couple is just as happy being clothed together because they like the feeling of each other’s clothes.