This week for participation, I decided to look through the supplementary materials and find something else to read. Well, I stumbled upon a link titled “Men Photoshopped into their Ideal Body Type” which caught my eye immediately. This took me to a YouTube video titled “The Try Guys Get Photoshopped With Men’s Ideal Body Types” and I instantly laughed because I have seen videos by “The Try Guys” before. I would say that they are just a group of awkward guys in their 20s and 30s who are constantly sent to try weird things by BuzzFeed. So, when I saw this video, I knew it was not only going to be interesting, but funny as well. It started off by interviewing each of the 4 guys about what they thought about themselves and their own bodies. All of them, surprisingly, had at least one thing they did not like about their own body. I say that this surprises me because it is definitely a stereotype that women are more self conscious about their bodies than men are. Not that I have never encountered a guy who didn’t like something about their body, it is just that they are definitely less vocal about it, and that is simply how society is. The men then all specified what celebrity they wished the looked like. They mentioned Justin Bieber, John Krasinski, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Channing Tatum. The men were there to try and recreate a specific photo of their celebrity idols, which would then be photoshopped, and then they would be able to compare the original photo to the photoshopped photo of themselves. When this moment came, most of the men were expecting to like the photoshopped version of themselves better, and feel worse about themselves. Most of them, after looking at the photoshopped photo, realized that the photoshopped version of themselves was unattainable and it made them feel better about their real body.

First of all, i liked this video because it showed us a side of men that society rarely sees. The men were very open in telling the camera specifically what they did not like about their own body and really compared themselves to celebrities. I also liked it because the video did not stop there. I liked how it showed their reactions after seeing the photoshopped version of themselves. It made me happy to see them realize that that version of themselves was unattainable and fake, and that they should be happy with who they are and stop comparing themselves to everyone else. I think that if they have not done this already, BuzzFeed should come out with the same video concept but with women.