When I first began this assignment I figured I’d stumble upon some things I wouldn’t agree with, but I don’t think I was truly prepared for what I was about to find. A simple google search led me to countless disgusting ads that objectified and humiliated women.

So, item one:


This is an ad for a video game. If you’ve never played the game, this ad might not seem so offensive to look at it. However, if you have played this game you’d know this ad makes zero sense. First off, there are no women in this game and this girl isn’t even a real character. She only appears in ads and videos. The feature of this ad is obviously her, or to be more precise, her breasts. They are air brushed and in the center of the ad. It’s designed to draw in young, male audiences to play the game, while leaving female populations not as interested. Not only is this ad degrading towards females, the fact that there isn’t even female characters is a double slap to the face. This woman was only placed in this ad to profit from her body.

Item two:


Seeing as this is a college course about women and gender, this picture is especially insulting. This is a women’s PhD “gown” Halloween costume. This isn’t a traditional piece of media, but it still has its impact on today’s culture. The costume looks nothing like an actual PhD gown, instead it is cut very short, has a very low neckline, and the sleeves are cut wrong. It’s described as “delicious”, “darling”, and “sexy” (words women with actual PhD’s would never use to describe their gown). This costume is designed for the male eye and nothing else. It implies women are good for their bodies, but lack actual intelligence. It’s also very insulting for people with actual PhD’s: they go to school for 8-12 years to be mocked by costumes like this? Instead of focusing on what a PhD really means (expert, knows a great deal of knowledge, worked very hard to get there), this company decided to use this symbol as a means to continue to objectify women. And to no surprise here, I could not find a men’s PhD costume.




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