Seeing that you said that the bodies section was one of the reasons you got into feminism caught my eye so I will mainly focus on how bodies are portrayed in todays society. I believe it is getting worse and worse in some cases now especially after reading everybody media project or analysis. According to Rose Weitz “Societies have considered women’s bodies to be mens property.” This quote shows how media and our world today looks at women. Which is wrong because we are way past those times of slavery where on individual can literally “own” another human being. When I was looking up commercials for the media analysis it shocked me on how many companies use women for their bodies to sell their product. If you asked me normally, do I think if that issue has gotten better? I would say yes it has because women now a days have more of a choice; However, the problem is not all the way solved. I believe that when a organization degrades women and puts a half naked women to sell food or something that has nothing to do with showing there body is the dumbest thing in the world morally and financially. now they are only targeting one audience and they are actually pushing another set of possible customers away. I mean really do you really need to have a bunch of boobs to sell burgers? While the bodies have became worse I do believe that women’s choice to show their body has gotten better. Back in the day, years ago, they did not have a choice because of power issues. It is a different time in day now and I hope it does nothing but go up from here because I would like to live in a society where everybody has equal opportunity. Whenever I get the short end of the stick I always try to use it as a learning experience and get better from it. That is what these companies need to do and think of other ways to sell their product with out using a women’s body!