Aerie recently released a commercial introducing clothing styles for both women and men. The advertisement begins with two people standing facing away from the audience, what seem to be a curvy woman and a very slender and trim woman. The curvy women then turns around and claims that Aerie has a big surprise, that it is selling underwear for women, and men. With the emphasis on “men,” the other slender figure turns around to reveal that is actually a man with a very petite and ‘feminine’ figure. From previous knowledge, I know that Aerie has been working on a campaign to encourage men of all body types by providing fashionable clothes for all. I think this is so important in an industry that targets clothes for one type of body, the thin, big busted women and muscular, chiseled men. This advertisement celebrates both slender men and larger curvy women, reassuring that there is a place for them in the latest fashion. I have to admit, upon seeing this commercial for the first time I found it a bit strange and surprising, but overtime I have come to appreciate it for the changes that are coming about in major fashion industries. I think the problem is that we are so use to what is considered normal, watching stick thin models strut the runway, and then seeing an ad such as Aerie’s can come as a shock. I love how this commercial breaks stereotypes about how women and men should look, and portray how many actually look. This ad reminded me of the article ‘Barbie’s Got a New Body’ because of the range of body types that are being advertised. For example, Barbie dolls now have 3 body shapes, different ethnicities, different hair textures and more (Denee, 2016). Similarly, we are beginning to see an expansion on the types of models we have in the fashion industry. I would never have expected to see models outside the social norm for a clothing line as popular as Aerie, but it is so refreshing to see body types that we can relate to.




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