You wouldn’t know it unless this giant hamburger wasn’t in the way, but this is an ad for a piece of food. Specifically, a burger from Carls Jr., or Hardees. I picked this ad to talk about, because it’s different in the sexuality of it.

To begin with, it doesn’t blatantly feature a naked, oiled up model eating the burger, it’s just the food. However, it’s the words I have a problem with. “She’ll tell you size doesn’t matter. She’s lying.”

This was one of the only ads I saw that came close to attacking males. It’s stating that if you’re not eating bigger, then it’s not satisfying, but in reality, it’s talking about penis sizes. And you have to try really hard to miss that connection. Because of this, you can see that the media has really set one type of sexuality aside as a basis. She tells you, her heterosexual partner, that your penis size does not matter, but apparently that’s a lie because no one has ever been praised for “being small”. This ad highlights the media’s obsession with making everyone and their body feel inadequate. If you don’t have a large penis, you can’t satisfy your heterosexual partner.

Excuse me, but where are the LGBTQ partners in this ad? Granted, it came out a few years before the LGBTQ movement was in full swing, but still. Most of advertising is swayed so that the heterosexual, white male and female population can look and see that there is someone who is sexually desirable and hot and I want to buy that product so that I can be like them.

That’s bullshit.

Even they’re not like them. Photoshop does exist, and it’s an amazing tool that can make you look nothing like you actually do.

So, sure, Carls Jr. I will act like I think this is just an ad for a hamburger from your restaurant that will clog my arteries and help lead me to an early grave, but you and I both know what it actually is. It’s an attack on the “fragile” male heterosexual ego, that needs to be told constantly that it is satisfactory because other media outlets like you tell them that if they’re not toned and perfect and big then they aren’t good enough to satisfy, while glossing over the other sexuality preferences and acting as if they don’t exist. Well played.