After this week’s readings I now know what the media tries to do with its over-sexualization to use a product, thanks to the speech by Miss Jean Kilbourne. I automatically assume that this commercial is meant to attract males considering the fact that there is a heavily sexualized female as the center of this commercial. To me it’s as if to say that this particular product, a burger, would only be consumed by males. I think that this could also attract females that are attracted to the opposite sex, but deep down I know that this commercial is meant for men. The commercial was pretty sex driven; at one point you could see the model’s bra and cleavage, and one side of her shirt slid down almost exposing more of her cleavage. The camera zoomed in on her chest and showed sweat slide down her breasts and at the end the announcer says “the classic just got a whole lot hotter”. It confuses me that they would mix this much sexual tension in a simple burger commercial. It makes me think that the commercial is trying to tell the viewer that if you get this burger, then maybe you will get a women that looks like this, which is ridiculous. But I then began to think that based on the readings that the media targets the subconscious mind, and I start to think that the motive of putting this lady in the commercial and having her do all of these sexy things is to grab the viewer’s attention. The usual TV viewer doesn’t watch commercials, either ignoring the commercial or even leaving the room waiting for their show to come back on. I think they used this model to shock the viewer and make them pay attention, whether in approval or disapproval to look at their product