This is the poster advertisement for the new X-Men film that just recently came out. Even though both of these characters are supposed to be strong superheroes the women is shown to be inferior to the man above. No only is he showing power over her with his size but and but he is using his strength in a violent manner. She is hooking at him helplessly holding onto his hard trying to get him to let go. This is getting the idea across that even as a superhero it is ok to look down on women. The women is also shown to have no clothes, pushing the idea that she is to be a sexual object. The media is trying to convince people to go see this new film while in reality it is supporting male violence against women.


In this advertisement they’re trying to sell cologne to men yet all you can really focus on is the naked women on the left. This is insinuating that with this cologne you can get a women naked. It supports the idea that women are a sexual object. The cologne bottle is so small, covering so little, that you cannot even read the label on it. Tom Ford has many advertisements sexualizing women when it is selling products for men. It’s not even showing the women at all but only her lower body as if it doesn’t matter what she looks like as long as she’s naked.