In this commercial they are trying to sell the new jalapeño burger by using a super model in lingerie to sell their product. The only boy in the video was with his girlfriend and he was watching the model undress in her car. This video is using sexual actions to sell food, which I do not understand because what does naked have to do with selling food? It shows the wrong message to the consumers and it objectifies women. It is conveying a message that it is acceptable to use women sexually to sell a product. Gender roles re communicated by suggesting that women are subordinate and only included to serve a purpose, that being to sell the burger. This alone perpetuates the idea that women only serve a roll in a sexual sense.

The commercial could be considered borderline pornographic and offensive. Hardee’s gains notoriety for shock value and pushing the limits. People will pay attention and take notice when the commercial comes on because it deviates from the norm so drastically, but the company gains publicity by being sexist. The general public should not support these types of actions. The idea that an publicity is good publicity comes into play with this commercial. Because even if there are people who do not support the marketing strategy and the commercial they are still talking about it, however negative, the commercial being spoke about and spread is exactly what Hardee’s wants. It is an effective marketing strategy but it comes at the expense of all women. Women should be empowered and not placed in a category that is so stereotypical. They should be able to have expanded roles not only in society, but also in the media. The general public consumes so much media, commercials like this play a big impact in the advancement of women. Overall, using women half naked in a commercial to sell food is not the right move, it portrays women negatively.