Original advertisement:


This original ad is problematic due to the fact that it is putting the blame of the car accident on the other individual, being the women in this, for talking on the phone. The focus should not be blamed on the individual who is not in the vehicle. When I saw this it also seemed to target women as though they are at fault for talking. No matter who the individual is or what gender the accident could occur from being on a phone while operating an vehicle.

Recreated Advertisement: Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.41.33 AM.png

This is the advertisement that I recreated myself that I still think gets the message across that it is not safe to be on the phone while driving. The key difference in this is that the blame is taken off the other individual on the other line of the phone. No matter whether or not it is in a male this ad I didn’t feel as if it took away from the message. I did not choose to use gender specific pronouns. It was not difficult to change the inequalities and sexism shown in the original advertisement.