“Peak Wokeness,” a phrase coined by Bobby Finger in his article “Ladies and Gentleman, We’ve reached Peak Wokeness.”  This article is a response to the Buzzfeed video where guys endure a simulated period.  However, Bobby sees right through the media ploy, and carefully deconstructs the video, while establishing a strong stance against these “Try Guys” videos.

I do agree with Bobby in part, when he states:

“To suggest that experiences are the only way to gain understanding of a topic is not only dismissive to the people who have regularly described said experience in detail”

What he is really trying to drive home when he states this is, we can empathize with people without having to do stunts like these.  This is a sensation that’s sweeping the internet, people have made careers out of making these videos, the Try Guys being the most famous.  Despite this being these guy’s careers, and they need to constantly churn out these videos to stay afloat, their attempts to bring attention to issues is admirable.

Bobby believes instead of attempting to replicate someone else’s experience, you should just listen to people who live the experiences, and mentally put yourself in their shoes.  He believes it is almost worse that these guys believe that their experience can even compare what it’s like to have a period every month for your entire life, which is a fair argument.  You will never fully understand what it is like to have a period, no matter how much beet juice drips out of you.  It’s almost insulting to say that you now know what it is like to have a period, because you didn’t.

As much as I agree with Bobby’s ideas, he is in the same situation as the Try Guys, although he doesn’t actually try to tackle an issue, just mention how people aren’t doing it right instead of providing a solution.  And he does write for an internet journal, so he needs to take an agressive stance in order to people to care for what he writes.  However, he does bring up a flaw in how people approach issues, and how we need to empathize with people’s direct experiences.  This unit we discussed the human body.  When it comes to periods, we should open our ears, and minds, and listen to those who are directly effected by them.  Women.  That is the most effective way to achieve “Wokeness.”

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