The only reason I found this TEDx video was because another classmate shared it, but as an extra material, I found this video very resounding.

In my opinion, a size 8 is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe who was such a size. Monroe went about her life as a “sexual figure” who was thought to be the idyllic woman. Monroe was considered an iconic, sexualized figure of her time, yet was also considered an overly sexualized figure of her era, which solely focused on her slightly appealing appearance. Today, Marilyn Monroe would be my size, yet “back in the day,” Monroe would today be considered a “plus-sized” model because of society’s visualization.

Regardless, I hope that this TEDx video can bring to light society’s discrimination of what is considered “beautiful” even though a few years ago, my size is considered sexy, curvy, and beautiful. Like Valencia says, be real, because today’s women are part of a generation full of women who are filled with more affirmation than the ideals based from the temporary fixes demonstrated to us. More than 2% of women should feel beautiful, because curvy women, not just Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Lopez, should be as valued as, any other women. All women should be valued, no matter what.