This week I decided to look into women and how they are “supposed to” look in the fashion industry and how it is portrayed in the media and commercials (emphasis on supposed to!). Now I will be honest, I to this day have never knew what the hype was about runway modeling, and the skinny look in the fashion industry. My female friend told me that the reason that the people make the clothing for the fashion shows and magazines for skinny models only because it would cost less to provide the fabric needed to make the clothing. And if that’s true, then who the hell are these modeling agencies and clothing runways targeting???? It’s pretty evident without even doing research that the skinny look that these models have is very unrealistic for the majority of women, so who are these labels targeting? I feel like based on what she was telling me that these people in the fashion industry just want to turn a profit, and have no concern for the impression it has on women and what they are willing to do to fit into these skimpy outfits and have “the look”. That, so far was the impression I had on the portrayal of women in the fashion industry. But once I had a chance to actually read and watch the material for this week I feel like I got a better outlook on what it was like to be a women in America and the pressure that comes with trying to make themselves look like what society tells them to look like. The first article that I want touch base on is the one regarding the new brand of Barbies now in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Now when I saw this article, I was kind of happy for it, but disappointed at the same time. I was a little bummed out about it because I feel like this should not even be a big deal or even be made as news; because this should have already been implemented into the Barbie brand a long time ago, more than likely at the beginning when the Barbie brand was first created. It’s scary to me thinking that women were conditioned to look a certain way from as young as adolescence. I began to understand how far media would go to push their own definition of what a beautiful woman is to women in America. The next piece of media I saw was the Ashley Graham speech. In all honesty based on the attitude I already had against the fashion industry, I automatically assumed that her being a plus sized model, she had her own obstacles to go through within the industry. People telling her that she will never be on the cover of magazines and, basically shaming her kinda ticked me off. In my opinion I thought she was very beautiful and that would be the kind of model I would want to see walk down the runway. However this made look back and reflect on myself; am I in turn doing the same as the media is by only wanting more curvy models instead of the socially accepted skinny ones? The last and most informal video I looked at was the killing us softly video. This one blew my mind, I never actually paid attention to the over-sexualization in the media. From sex being used to make women as objects, to sex being used to sell food or objects in substitution for an actual significant other. This by far makes me the most sad. As a man that had made his fair share of flaws in life, I’ve realized that sex and women are not just things and objects, they are to be cherished. This really made me want to look my lady in the eye, and tell her I appreciate her, not only for the things I do understand, but for the things that I as a man can never understand




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