Yesterday in Orlando Florida a man killed 49 people and wounded 53, and what did these people all have in common? They were at a gay club enjoying their free rights to practice what they want. Regardless what he believed or his reasons for killing these people he was wrong on so many levels. I’m really over whelmed by his actions, I can’t seem to understand how someone could kill 49 people because they are “different” and they like the same sex. That’s what they want to do with their time how can you judge them and determine that it’s wrong for someone to love who they love. You can’t help who you love and who/what you like, I agree with that so for his reasoning to be that “he saw two men kissing” sounds insane to me. If you are gay then that’s what you want to do, those people in that club didn’t bother his they were living their lives practicing their rights which he should have done. Some people don’t like gays/lesbians but you don’t see people going around shooting us clubs and killing them because that’s kind of insane. Those people should be alive today but because they aren’t I want to show my respects, and sincerely apologize for his ignorance and mistakes. #PeaceForLGTB